Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Now that Corporations are People

There's been some interesting conversation around corporations lately. If they are, in fact, people, whom should they serve?

The answer is fiendishly simple: like any good person, a corporation exists to provide livelihood. Livelihood, for those who may have forgotten, is the means of life: food, housing, medical care, dignity, family. None of these are anywhere near enough supported by the current economic model.

Under the current economic model, corporations exist only to produce profits for their shareholders. Shareholders provide money, and are richly rewarded by the corporation. But money, in the current model, is completely detached from any material standard or responsibility. Corporations do not repay the earth for the damage they have done, because the earth is not money. Money is an abstraction, inhuman, and accountable to no one.

The people who work for corporations, on the other hand, are living beings. They cannot be treated as interchangeable parts in an addictive relationship with money and ecological plunder.

Living beings are obligated by God to support life. Therefore, if a corporation is going to be a person, it must exist to support life. A flourishing biosphere, not a flourishing stock market should be your goal.

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